About Sakku Investments Corporation

The Development Arm of the Kivalliq Inuit Association

Sakku has been mandated with developing sustainable wealth for the Inuit of the Kivalliq Region. Since its incorporation in 1989, Sakku has achieved its mission primarily through partnerships and joint venture companies. Sakku is not content with “just having partners” but aims to meaningfully participate and develop its own internal capacity to undertake specialized work. Our strategy is to work with world-class venture partners to develop capacities and earn benefits along with employment opportunities.


Building a viable and healthy economy for the Inuit of the Kivalliq Region.

Mission Statement

To invest in viable business enterprises to the betterment of the Inuit of the Kivalliq Region.

Guiding Principles & Values

Sakku Investments Corporation will be guided in pursuing its vision, mission and day to day operations by the following values and principles: